Winter Makeup
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Winter Makeup

Adjust your cosmetics to match the season. Here, 10 suggestions.

Start with the Basics

You've changed into cozier clothes for fall and winter -- why not warm up your makeup, too? Here, 10 fun and easy ways to update:

1. Check your foundation. Your summer shade may be too dark for sun-starved winter skin, so consider going a shade lighter.

2. Go for bright blush. A bold coral or baby pink may look too intense, but when applied with a light hand, shades like these can wake up dull winter skin.


3. Try a deeper lip color... A warm brown or red shade looks right.

4. ...but keep it light. Instead of a heavy matte version, wear your dark shade in gloss form.

5. Line up. While mascara and a sweep of sheer shadow work for warmer months, fall and winter call for more defined eyes. Use a chocolate brown or charcoal liner along your upper lashes.

More Tips

6. Darken nails. Blackberry and copper polish -- perfect for the season -- look best on short, just-to-your-fingertips nails.

7. Make it matte. Shine-free skin is in style again. To get the look, choose an oil-free foundation, and set it with translucent powder.

8. Skip frost. Super-shimmery eye shadow can look harsh on dry winter skin. Instead, go for shades in matte formulas.

9. Define eye creases. Doing so lends immediate polish to your makeup. Choose a medium-tone shadow, and sweep it along the creases of your eyes, from the outer to inner corners.

10. Try colored mascara. Navy, burgundy, and auburn mascara give lashes depth and subtle color without looking obvious.