Beautiful Beach Hair
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Beautiful Beach Hair

How to get a beach-goddess look.

Want to look all-around stunning when you hit the sand? Then don't forget your hair! Here, 10 easy ways to make it look its best this summer:

  1. Swear by leave-in conditioner. Slather it on every morning before going outside, to combat dryness.
  2. Protect hair from the sun. This is especially important if you color your hair! Use a spray-on UV protectant over your leave-in conditioner to prevent the sun's rays from turning your hair a brassy shade.
  3. Add an accessory. It's simple but chic: A bright, beachy pony holder gives flair and style to even the simplest swimsuit.
  4. Use salt as a styling aid. Saltwater gives hair texture and allows it to better hold a style, especially key for lank locks. Take advantage by skipping the shampoo after the beach, then scrunching as you dry hair with a diffuser.
  5. Trim before summer. Summer tends to make hair dry, so this process will speed up on hair with already-dead ends in need of a cut. Trimming before the summer minimizes damage by removing unhealthy ends before you hit the sun.
  6. Try braids. They're too youthful for the office, but braided pigtails look fresh and energetic at the beach. Simply part hair down the middle, braid each side, and secure.
  7. Apply styling paste to short hair. A gummy paste will give short cuts hold and definition, plus protect them from the sun and chlorine. Smooth onto dry hair before going outside.
  8. Sport a scarf. It has a decidedly Jackie O. feel and protects hair at the same time: Tie a long headscarf over hair, letting the ends dangle.
  9. Swear off blowdryers. While you're at the beach, vow to air-dry your hair. Using a blowdryer after a day in the sun can make your hair doubly damaged.
  10. Don't leave home without a wide-tooth comb. While saltwater is a good styling aid, it can leave hair knotted and clumpy. Spritz a bit of your UV protectant onto the comb's teeth and run it through strands after every swim to prevent those knots.