Look Gorgeous on New Year's Eve
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Look Gorgeous on New Year's Eve

10 ways to ring in the new year looking your best ever.

Look Flirty and Festive

Want to wow them come New Year's Eve? Follow our 10 easy ideas for a sexy, party-perfect look and we guarantee they'll be lining up for a midnight kiss from you!

1. Get glowing. Forget matte skin for festive parties. Instead, mix a dab of shimmery gold or platinum liquid into your foundation for a splash of sparkle.

2. Show some skin -- selectively. Choose one body part to focus on: shoulders, decollete, legs, or back. Then choose an outfit that shows off that part (keep the rest of you tastefully covered).

3. Make eyes at them. To put the focus on your eyes in a big way, apply some single false lashes to their outer corners. This opens eyes wide and gives you a flirty look without lots of makeup!

4. Give lipstick staying power. To keep your color on through all those kisses, apply lip liner all over lips. Top with lipstick, and then blot. Next, place a tissue flat against lips and use a fluffy brush to dust loose powder over tissue. Remove tissue, apply another coat of lipstick, and blot a final time. Voila! Long-lasting lipstick.

5. Highlight your neck. Sounds strange, but the neck is considered a very sexy area! Show yours off by pulling hair up, or by wearing a pair of long chandelier earrings.


More Tips

6. Focus on feet. Splurge on a deluxe pedicure, and then slip newly polished toes into a pair of jeweled or metallic strappy heels. Alluring!

7. Scent yourself. Forgo a quick spritz of perfume. Instead, apply to areas where your body naturally heats up: behind knees, in cleavage, on wrists, and behind ears. As your body heats up, the scent will be released -- and will make him want to come closer to you!

8. Have touchable hair. Skip styles that require too much hairspray, and go for a slightly mussed, tousled style instead. Our favorite look: Pull the front section of hair back toward the crown of your head and secure with a jeweled barrette. Then use your fingers to fluff the remaining hair, so it falls around your shoulders sexily.

9. Pay attention to hands. The softer and prettier your hands, the more polished and put-together you'll look. Give yourself an at-home moisturizing treatment and manicure before big parties. (Not savvy with nail polish? Even a clear coat gives tips a finished look!)

10. Gloss it up. To make your pucker its most attention-grabbing, apply a slick of lip gloss over your lipstick. For party season, try a gloss infused with silver or gold glitter.