Day-After Hair: Extending Your Style Mileage
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Day-After Hair: Extending Your Style Mileage

Your hair looks great today -- but can it last through Day 2?

Two Days of Great Hair

Today your hair is perfect. It looks stylish, clean, and shiny -- just the way it should. But as your great hair day draws to a close, what can you do to get similar results tomorrow? Or how can you cope if you oversleep and need to recycle yesterday's hair? Is another day of great hair possible -- without redoing your initial efforts?

Fortunately for your hair, the answer is yes. A free pass to an extra day of great hair is easy. It just takes little pre-planning (if possible) and a few quick a.m. touch-ups. With luck, you'll look as great on Day 2 as you did the day before.

Start preplanning on Day 1 with the hair products you choose and your application process. Be sure to avoid using too much styling product -- it weighs hair down, almost guaranteeing a too-tousled look tomorrow. Apply your products sparingly and you'll have more leeway to add whatever is needed to freshen up your style on Day 2. For a great day-after look, touch up your style with these strategies for your hair type:

Thin/Fine Hair

To revamp yesterday's blow out, mist your hair with water or spray gel. Place a couple of Velcro rollers at the roots of your hair, and leave them in for at least 5 minutes, or 15 if you have time. Or, spot blow-dry on low heat with a brush, smoothing out any creases in your hair.

For day-after volume, flip your hair upside down and pass a blow-dryer over it to fluff hair up. While in that position, mist on a light hairspray. Flip it back, smooth it, and go.

Oily Hair

Add hairspray or baby powder to the roots of your hair and brush the product through its length. Both will absorb any excess oils that gather near the scalp. Or, take advantage of your hair's natural oils and smooth hair into a super-sleek updo, like a bun or a twist.

Long Hair

The night before, pull your hair into a ponytail on top of your head to help hold its smooth shape while you sleep.

In the morning, use hair accessories -- pins, elastics, clips, combs, headbands, even scarves -- to create a fresh second-day style as you head out the door.

Curly Hair

Reactivate your curls with water, then finger twirl 1- or 2-inch sections to redefine. Let the curls air-dry or spot diffuse with a blow-dryer.

Get any slept-on kinks out by smoothing roots with a big brush. Then, readjust curls by using several Velcro rollers at the roots of your hair, or touch up curls individually with a curling iron.

Add gloss with shine spray or serum, and your day-after hair is set to shine.

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