Halloween Ghost and Bat Puppets
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Halloween Ghost and Bat Puppets

Mini pumpkins and a little creativity make adorable puppets for Halloween decorating.
For the Ghost Puppets You'll Need...

Small pumpkins
Sharp knife
White acrylic paint and brush
White cheesecloth, usually available at the grocery store
Flat-head thumbtacks or straight pins


  1. With a sharp knife, hollow out your small pumpkins from the bottom. (This is a step for adults only.)
  2. Leaving the stem intact, carve the face.
  3. Wipe the pumpkin so that it's totally dry, and then paint the entire surface of the pumpkin with white acrylic paint.
  4. Unroll your cheesecloth and cut it to the size of a bandanna. Carefully pin the cheesecloth skirt into the bottom of the pumpkin, using a few thumbtacks or straight pins to anchor it in place.

For the Bat Puppets You'll Need...

A small pumpkin or gourd
Thick black felt
Black-tipped straight pins
Thick white paper or cardboard
Hot glue


  1. Create the bat's eyes by pushing the two straight pins into the gourd.
  2. Cut the wings from your black felt.
  3. Attach the wings with hot glue or more black straight pins.
  4. Draw fangs on the white paper, cut out, and attach with hot glue.

Originally published on LHJ.com, September 2006.