You Snooze, You...Win
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You Snooze, You...Win

Recent research shows that naptime isn't just for kids.

If catching 40 winks in the middle of the afternoon seems impossible, you might want to adjust your schedule. Taking at least a 30-minute nap just three times a week can reduce your risk of death from heart disease 37 percent, according to a recent study of more than 23,000 people. Even those who napped only once or twice a week lowered their risk by 12 percent. Researchers believe that part of this heart-healthy effect is due to the stress-reducing benefits of a midday snooze. So try setting aside time for a siesta during your lunch hour or when you first get home from work. Weekends are also a great time to squeeze in a nap.
-- Carrington Cunnington

Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, October 2007.