Perfect Pet Frames
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Perfect Pet Frames

The cutest pets deserve to have their picture in this adorable frame.
What You Need:

Front: Dog Treats Frame
Paw Prints Frame

  • Purchased frame with mat
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • 1 or 2 sheets of plain paper
  • Purchased dog biscuits
  • Wood glue
  • Pictures of special pets
  • Kitty-paw stamper, available at crafts and stationery stores (optional)


Dog Treats Frame: 1. Put the photo into the frame.

2. Glue dog biscuits all around the front, top, and side edges of the frame.

3. Place this frame out of your pet's reach so it won't be eaten!

You can make this image
bigger or smaller on
a photocopier.

Paw Print Frame: 1. Remove the mat from the frame.

2. Practice making paw prints. On plain paper, practice using your paw-print stamp. Or, using the paw print shown as a guide, practice drawing or tracing paw prints on plain paper. Then use a pencil to draw paw prints, or use the stamp, on the mat that came with the picture frame.

3. Use a black marker to fill in the paw prints if you traced them onto the mat.