Martha's Holiday Handiwork: Thanksgiving Place Cards
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Martha's Holiday Handiwork: Thanksgiving Place Cards

Delight dinner guests by following Martha Stewart's instructions for place cards perfect for your Thanksgiving table.

What You'll Need
Craft knife
Craft ruler
Card stock
Cutting mat
Ballpoint glue pen
Small-tipped paintbrush
Glitter stamping starter kit*
Double-sided tape

What to Do
1. Using the craft knife and ruler, cut card stock to 4-x-4-inch squares on mat and fold in half to form place cards.

2. Write guest's name with glue pen. Sprinkle glitter over the glue, then tap off excess. If any stray glitter remains on project, gently brush it away with a small-tipped paintbrush.

3. Use leaf stamps and glue pad to stamp a design onto the card around the guest's name. Sprinkle with glitter and tap off excess. Repeat as desired with different stamps and glitter colors.

4. Cut a piece of card stock in a contrasting color about 1/4 inch wider and taller than the first piece. Fold in half and adhere to contrasting square with double-sided tape.

*Most supplies can be found through the Martha Stewart Create line at Wal-Mart.


Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, November 2008.