Chocolate Fondue
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Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fondue is a great way to liven up your parties or add some variety to your family meals. Satisfy your sweet tooth and dip into some fun with our delicious recipes for chocolate fondue.

Classic Chocolate Fondue

Use this recipe to get any fondue party started. It's not too sweet, making it a sophisticated end to any meal. Make sure you have plenty of sweet and salty dippers, like fruit, cookies, marshmallows, bread, pretzels, peppers -- you name it.


Host a Chocolate Fondue Party

Look back to a decades-old party solution for a hassle-free way to entertain guests. With everyone gathered around, socializing is a snap, even for a busy host. All it takes is a little bit of cutting and melting prep to get going.


French Toast Fondue

Start the day off right with breakfast fondue! Serve with toppings such as chopped nuts, fruit, and coconut for a perfect feast.

Melting chocolate

A Passion for Chocolate

If chocolate is an aphrodisiac, these delicious chocolate recipes will definitely put you in the mood.


Originally published on, March 2009.