Save With Sandra Lee
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Save With Sandra Lee

This spring Semi-Homemade's Sandra Lee will dish out smart supermarket shopping tips on her new Food Network show, Sandra's Money-Saving Meals. Lee guarantees that her ideas will help people slash their food bills by at least 25 percent. Here's a taste of her simple cash-conserving advice.

Frozen isn't always cheaper: When produce is in season, buying fresh is often a better deal.

Timing is everything: Many people get paid on the first of the month, so that's when the name-brand items go on sale. Prices on private-label and store brands drop at the end of the month, when people have less cash to spend.

Baking mixes may bust your budget: They contain simple ingredients, so it's often easier to make baked goods from scratch.

Buy in bulk: Don't just buy a pound of meat for a meat loaf -- go for the less-expensive family size. Use the extra meat-loaf mixture to make meatballs, which you can freeze, and you've got a cheap second meal.


Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, June 2009.