8 Healthier Ways to Grill
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8 Healthier Ways to Grill

These techniques retain the flavor that food gets when you grill it at high temperatures yet lower the health risks associated with charred meat.

1. Barbecue at lower heat
You'll create substantially fewer heterocyclic amines (HCAs), cancer-causing substances in meat grilled at high temps.

2. Trim the fat
You'll reduce a second cancer danger -- flare-ups that deposit carcinogens called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) on your food.

3. Flip burgers often
Turning them once a minute reduces HCAs.

4. Grill meat (not pork or poultry) medium rare or less
This also cuts HCAs. Eating beef medium well or well done can more than triple the risk of stomach cancer.

5. Microwave
Two minutes of precooking meat, poultry, and fish can cut 90 percent of HCAs. Finish on the grill.

6. Marinate first
An hour in a thin marinade can reduce HCAs 57 to 88 percent.

7. Flavor with garlic, rosemary, and sage
These antioxidant seasonings block HCAs and PAHs.

8. Add soy
Mixing half a cup of textured soy protein with a pound of ground meat cuts 95 percent of potential HCAs in burgers.


Originally published in Ladies' Home Journal, June 2009.