Adam's Rib
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Adam's Rib

The American Film Institute's pick for number 7 best romantic comedy showcases Katharine Hepburn at her sassiest.

This late 1940s film contrasts the professional and private lives of two married lawyers and the case that places them on opposite sides of the aisle. The line between courtroom and bedroom blurs as the case spirals into a battle of the sexes between the fast-talking Amanda (Katharine Hepburn) and the reserved Adam (Spencer Tracy). Their clients' marriage problems seep into Adam and Amanda's New York apartment and escalate to circus-like proportions during the trial.

Warning: Hepburn's zeal as Amanda might encourage unlikely life plan shifts. After watching the movie, I started contemplating taking out a loan for law school. Luckily for my bank account, that urge subsided after 30 minutes of LSAT Googling.

Adam's Rib is ahead of its time, not only in Hepburn's outspoken character but also in her profession. Hepburn's fire in Adam's Rib will ignite your inner Venus and incite you and your girlfriends to take on the most impossible of tasks.

Watch with us! When Harry Met Sally is next up.


Originally published on, August 2009.