Flower and Herb Swag
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Flower and Herb Swag

Gather up a bouquet of herbs and make a sweet and simple swag to drape across the back of a chair.

The Basics

Look for a nice variety of colors, textures, and fragrances when you're snipping herbs. Lavender is a must with its aromatic wands of deep purple buds. Tansy blooms stand out like a cluster of bright yellow pincushions. Pink miniature roses will give your swag an elegant look. Don't overlook rosemary with its spicy foliage, as well as variegated sage with its soft, fuzzy leaves.

What You Need:

This swag is a great gift or
decoration for any occassion.

  • 1 small handful of sweet Annie (Artemisia annua)
  • 6 sprigs of flax
  • 6 sprigs of seeded eucalyptus
  • 4 sprigs of pink larkspur
  • Wire cutters
  • Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
  • Various sprigs or blooms of anise, garlic cloves, globe amaranth, hydrangea, hyssop, lavender, miniature roses, rosemary, sage, tansy, thyme
  • Approximately 7 feet of 20-gauge wire
  • Approximately three large handfuls of Spanish moss
  • Approximately 2 yards of sage green Midori ribbon or other type of shiny, transparent ribbon
  • Surface sealer (optional, available in crafts shops)

Making the Swag

Before you start, spread herbs, foliage, and flowers on a table. Be sure you have a nice mix of colors, textures, and fragrances. Decide on which chair you plan to hang your swag. You'll need to adjust the size of the swag to the back of the chair.


1. Form a loop. Using wire cutters, cut approximately 7 feet of wire. At one end of the wire, make a loop the size of a tablespoon.

Step 2

2. Complete the frame. Gently bend the remainder of the wire into a U shape large enough to cover the back of your chair. Make another tablespoon-size loop where you want your swag to end, and double back over the U to give the frame extra support.

3. Add moss. Using the glue gun, attach Spanish moss to the frame, starting in the middle of the U and working out toward the ends. Cover both the front and back. Do not put moss on the loops.

4. Add fillers. Beef up your swag with foliage plants and herbs such as sweet Annie, rosemary, seeded eucalyptus, lavender, and sage. Use the glue gun to secure foliage to the moss-covered frame.

Step 5

5. Add blooms. Insert colorful flowers such as flax, hydrangea, larkspur, tansy, globe amaranth, and miniature roses. Alternate with sprigs of thyme, anise, garlic chives, and hyssop.

Step 6

6. Cut the ribbon in half, and thread it through the wire loops on each end of the swag. Secure the swag to the back of the chair with the ribbon. To protect it, you can spray your finished swag with a surface sealer.