5 Sneaky Shopping Tricks Retailers Don't Want You to Know About
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5 Sneaky Shopping Tricks Retailers Don't Want You to Know About

Who doesn't love scoring a huge deal? Get the most out of your next shopping spree with these sneaky savings tips using coupons.

Julia Gaynor wants you to save money. As Chief Savings Officer for Eversave.com, it's her job to scour the Web looking for deals, and to teach women how to save when shopping. She gave us her top 5 tips for scoring huge deals:

1. Ignore Expiration Dates

Retailers want you in the store to shop! Even if the date on your coupon has expired, always ask. Many retailers will honor savings deals post-expiration date.

2. Buy in (Close to) Bulk

Many locations, especially grocery stores, will offer deals for buying in bulk (such as 10 for $10). Contrary to popular belief, retailers will often honor the sales price, even if you plan to buy fewer items than are listed in the original deal.

3. Stack Coupons!

Coupon stacking is when you use more than one coupon on a single item, often resulting in getting items for pennies on the dollar. If you're really good, in many cases you'll find the store owes you money after your savings are applied.

4. Bring Competitors' Coupons with You When You Shop

Many retailers will match if not better their rivals' offers.

5. Shop with a Mission

Retailers are strategic in the placement of products and deals throughout the store. Ever wonder why candy and gum are located in the checkout aisle? Walk out of the store with only what you intended to purchase.


Originally published on LHJ.com, October 2009.