Save on Grocery Shopping
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Save on Grocery Shopping

These 9 coupon-shopping tips from the pros will help you save on groceries.

1. Buy the Sunday paper, which houses 83 percent of coupons. Experts say that sometimes it's worth buying two or three copies if it's full of deals on your favorite purchases.

2. Read the store circular and compare weekly specials to coupons you already have and save even more.

3. Expired manufacturer coupons? Don't throw them out! Send them to participating military bases where they will be honored up to six months after. Search online for addresses of participating bases.

4. Organize your coupons in a small pocket organizer like this deluxe one or this simple plastic one.


5. Pay attention to the unit price of bulk items to ensure you are always getting the best price.

6. Keep an eye out for store coupons and manufacturer coupons. Many times you can double up!

7. Look online for coupons at sites like and, which are updated often.

8. Wait until you have a few coupons for new ingredients before trying a recipe for the first time to avoid impulse shopping.

9. Don't clip coupons for junk food. It's only another excuse to indulge in unhealthy behavior.