Ashton Kutcher: Ladies' Man
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Ashton Kutcher: Ladies' Man

The actor-activist-producer-Twitter phenom is still just a Midwestern boy at heart.

What I love about my character in the new movie Killers
I've always wanted to play a guy who holds a gun. It puts mortality in your hands so you have to respect it. Plus it strokes my ego, playing someone who's dangerous. In real life I'm about as safe as it gets.

I would make a lousy spy because
I can't keep a secret. People won't be friends with me because they're afraid it's going on Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter
I have almost 5 million followers. When you watch TV it's somebody speaking at you. When you're online, it's somebody speaking with you. I find that to be more engaging and entertaining than pretty much anything else.

I've wanted to be an actor since
I first stepped on stage at age 12. I played a thief in my junior high school production of The Golden Goose. I wanted to make people in the audience laugh and they did. The buzz I got from that stayed with me.

How I give back
My wife [Demi Moore] and I launched the DNA Foundation to raise awareness about human trafficking. We saw this news story about kids in Cambodia who were 6 or 7 and being prostituted. Then we learned it was happening in America, too. We looked at each other and said, "How can we not do something about this?"