Reader Q&A: How to Grill Fish
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Reader Q&A: How to Grill Fish

How do you keep fish from falling apart when grilling?

Q. When I grill fish it always falls apart. What am I doing wrong? -- Ashley Elvington Small, Charlotte, North Carolina

A. For advice we turned to barbecue guru Steven Raichlen, author of the new cookbook Planet Barbecue! He told us that the best way to grill fish depends on the catch. Steaks, such as swordfish and tuna, should be grilled over direct, high heat. Fragile or oily fish, such as salmon and halibut, are best cooked on a soaked cedar plank over indirect, medium-high heat. You can pick up an inexpensive package of planks at the grocery store. If you like whole trout or snapper, invest in a grill basket. One universal tip: Press the cooked fish with the tip of your finger. If it breaks into clean flakes, it's done.