Gay Teens and Bullying Resources
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Gay Teens and Bullying Resources

At Ladies' Home Journal, doing good is a big part of our mission. As part of that, we encourage you to do what you can to help create a safer environment for gay and lesbian youth. As Americans, we may not all agree on issues relating to homosexuality, but we can work to create a culture of compassion and respect. Together we can put an end to the trend of gay teen suicide. Below are some resources to start with.

Parents and Teens

Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

A national support and advocacy organization with local chapters across the U.S. and online resources on how to cope when a family member comes out.

The Family Acceptance Project

A research-based organization that provides free, downloadable materials for families, youth, and educators on how to have a positive impact on the health, mental health, and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth.

The Make It Better Project

This Web site, founded in response to the September 2010 string of bullying-related gay teen suicides, is a comprehensive list of resources and concrete steps that adults and youth can take to help stop antigay bullying and make things better for LGBT youth.

The Trevor Project

Suicide hotline and prevention tips, plus a national database of local organizations for LGBTQ youth.

Gay-Straight Alliance Network

National organization to help straight and gay teens create safer school environments for LGBTQ youth.

It Gets Better Project

A YouTube channel dedicated to videos that reassure LGBT youth who are being bullied or feeling isolated that it will get better. The channel features videos from President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, celebrities like The Dixie Chicks and Ke$ha and hundreds of individuals and groups.


Educators, Churches, and Temples

The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Resources for educators on how to create a safe school environment for LGBT students.

The Welcoming Schools Initiative

Resources for parents and educators interested in addressing family diversity, gender stereotyping, bullying, and name-calling in K-5 learning environments.

Out in Scripture

Resources on LGBT issues and the Bible, plus links to Jewish resources and resources for clergy.

The Golden Rule Pledge

A series of resources developed by an evangelical Christian, designed for church youth groups and religious education teachers to help prevent antigay bullying.

Institute for Welcoming Resources

Downloadable guide with suggestions on how to make your church more welcoming to LGBT congregants, plus a national database of welcoming churches and other resources having to do with homosexuality and religion.