How to Make a Silhouette Pillow
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How to Make a Silhouette Pillow

What You'll Need

A photo of someone in profile

8-1/2-x-11-inch paper

Fine marker

Freezer paper

Pillow fabric

Fabric paint

  1. Print the photos that you want to turn into silhouettes onto 8-1/2-x-11-inch paper, adjusting the image to the size that you want on your pillow.
  2. Use a fine marker to trace around each face to create the silhouette. Then lay a piece of freezer paper, shiny side down, on top of the image and trace the silhouette onto the freezer paper. Use a craft knife to cut out the silhouette.
  3. Cut your pillow fabric to size, then iron the negative piece (the part that the face was cut out of) of the freezer paper shiny side down onto the fabric.
  4. Fill in the stencil with fabric paint. You may need to do two or three coats. When the paint is dry, peel the freezer paper off of the fabric and then sew your pillow.