My Hunt for Free Makeup Samples
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My Hunt for Free Makeup Samples

I love trying new beauty products in hopes that one will be the fountain of youth in a bottle or the perfect trick for making me look magazine flawless. But trying all the latest and greatest goods can get expensive, so I went on a beauty hunt to see what I could find for free.

I first started on the Web because I figured it would be easy: I could have the beauty come to me, for free! There are a lot of Web sites that claim to have free beauty products, but you have to take surveys or quizzes giving your opinion on just about everything. It was pretty tiring, and by the end of it all, I wasn't sure if I was actually going to get the free product.

Wisening up, I went back to Google and searched for "free samples without surveys." I found a few sites, but still spent hours poking around, entering my address on various lists. Then I found out I'd have to wait 4-6 weeks to get my samples. I'm not a patient person, and in 4-6 weeks won't I even remember what I ordered. But if you can handle the wait,, and are a few sites that offer samples without a lot of surveys.

I also found a few more mainstream sites I could get samples from. Here are my top three:

At you get two free samples with every purchase and if you want more, you can add them to your order for $1.50. What's more, it only takes 7-10 business days to arrive. A respectable waiting time, if you ask me.

On, if you search "sample spot" it will show you the samples they have. This is very popular and their samples go fast. Check often, but don't get your hopes up.

At, when you search for "free samples," a variety of samples are available anything from beauty to hygiene. You never quite know what you're going to get. Some are coupons for free samples that you bring into Wal-mart.

Another place I never thought of until I started looking is Facebook. All my favorite stores and products have pages and they usually have their latest coupons and giveaways available if you "like" them.


Loyalty Programs

Another way to get goodies is through store loyalty programs. Most stores have them because they want your business, and at least for me, the best way to keep me coming back is to ply me with you free stuff. Here is what they offer:

Sephora's Beauty Insider program

  • Three samples with every purchase
  • $1 = 1 point, 100 points equals a free travel size sample
  • Free birthday gift
  • Weekly specials online and in the stores

Ulta's The Club

  • Three samples with every purchase
  • Two different reward programs both free and offer samples and full size products
  • Free birthday eye brow waxing at the Benefit bar Beauty Perks

  • Three samples with every purchase
  • Earn 5% back from every purchase to put towards your next purchase

At the end of my hunt, I found to look at websites if I just want random beauty products, and if and when I get then in the mail it will be a big surprise. Then sign up for the loyalty programs, it's easy and I'll always know about the latest deals. Then if I really want to try out a new product or get a sample of it, I just need to go into a store and ask for it.