You Are the Answer Lady: June 2012
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You Are the Answer Lady: June 2012

Straight from our Facebook wall, readers like you offer real-world advice for sticky situations and everyday dilemmas.

My dog got into my neighbor's flower bed and totally ripped it up. I'm so embarrassed. How can I fix this?

Confess that it was your dog, apologize for its behavior, and offer to do whatever you can to repair the damage. You both will feel much better about the situation.
Diana Hatfield Nance

Buy fresh flowers to give her with your apology. Then offer to replace the plants in her bed. No matter how well trained your dog may be, sometimes dogs just have a mind of their own.
Dottie Prater

Give her a plate of cookies and a gift card to your local lawn and garden center and apologize for your puppy's bad manners. I think admitting that you know what happened and offering some type of reimbursement for the damages will be enough.
Nicole DelValle

My husband often ignores his mom when she calls his cell. Then she calls mine, asking where he is. I don't want to lie. Help!

"Sure, he's right here. Hang on while I pass him the phone." Do it enough times and he'll get it.
Terry L. Cooper

My ex never answered the phone for anyone. When his mother called me she wasn't meddling, she just wanted to make sure he was still alive!
Genie R. Krivanek

I've had a similar problem with my husband (not with his mother calling, but someone else). I warned him that the next time I would tell the person the truth. It worked.
Nannette Gilbert

Tell her that she should try texting him. He might not want a long conversation, but he'd probably respond to a text. My sons do!
Claudia Sloane Jacobson

I would discuss it with your husband first. He should tell his mother to leave a message and make it clear that he will get back to her when it's convenient.
Patty Hughes Dratch

My dad recently confessed that he has a serious health concern that should be checked out but he refuses to see his doctor. Since I can't force him to go, how can I convince him?

The same thing happened in my family. It took more than three years of pestering before he agreed to go. There is nothing that can be done for our dad -- but we do have a diagnosis and now we can start planning for his long-term care. Good luck and don't give up!
Jennifer Lynn

With my mother-in-law, we always remind her that we made a promise to my late father-in-law to take good care of her and that it's important for us to help her take care of "X" as part of that promise.
Sarah Gordon

Do some research on the condition and explain the effects it will have on him in the future if the problem is not addressed right away.
Joelene Olms

I have experienced this a lot and I've learned that there comes a time when we have to accept that our older family members have the right to make their own decisions about their health, as much as it pains us.
Anita Moore

I asked my dad to stop being selfish and told him that he needed to get better for us and for his grandkids. That made him go see a doctor.
Lisa Ponce Nottoli