Shimmering Shakers
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Shimmering Shakers

Inexpensive salt-and-pepper shakers become pieces of art with easy etching and tiny rhinestones.
What You Need:
Shimmering Shakers
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These shakers will add sparkle to
your holiday table.

  • Glass salt and pepper shakers
  • Glass stain in red and turquoise, or etching cream
  • Glass cement
  • Tweezers
  • 3mm rhinestones
  • Liquid gold pen with thin tip (for painted shakers)
  • 1/4-inch-wide masking tape (for etched shakers)


1. Wash shakers and let them dry.

2. For painted shakers: Diagonally divide each side of shaker in half and paint the bottom half with glass stain. Paint each shaker a different color, if desired. Let dry. Use tweezers to pick up rhinestones, dip into cement, and evenly space along the diagonal edge of stain as desired. Let dry. Use gold pen to draw wiggly lines down from the edge of the rhinestones to the bottom of the shaker.

3. For etched shakers: Wrap a length of masking tape at an angle around shaker. Burnish the edges of tape with fingernail. Etch top half of shaker with etching cream, following the manufacturer's directions. Wash off the etching cream and let dry. Cement rhinestones randomly over the etched area.

More Ideas:

  • To add rhinestones temporarily to shakers, use dots of paint pen as adhesive, and peel off later.
  • Add pizzazz to goblets, candleholders, vases, and other glass objects using this technique.