Windows with Flash
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Windows with Flash

Whether your decorating tastes tend toward formal, country, or eclectic styles, we've got plenty of ideas for dressing up windows and sills for the season.

Nature on Display

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Display some of the great outdoors.

Screen your view of the outdoors with an indoor forest of skinny Christmas trees. Anchor the trees in wet sand in galvanized buckets, and add watering cans for a garden theme.

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Dress up windows with a
eucalyptus wreath.

Highlight a room's view by adding peepholes -- such as a lightweight wreath of artificial eucalyptus. Wire several stems together in a circle to make the wreath and hang it in front of the window with clear monofilament.

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Add accent with a dried flower

Accent windows with swags of artificial eucalyptus and silk or dried red flowers. To make each swag, bundle stems of eucalyptus, red twigs, dyed-red baby's breath, and bear grass into a small swag; assemble red yarrow into a smaller bouquet and wire it over the swag's stem ends. Tie a bow over the joint and bend one eucalyptus branch to form a hanger to hook over the curtain rod.

More Wonderful Windows

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Add a touch of frost with

Let it snow -- indoors! Dress up a window with a lacy table skirt for a quick valance and hang paper snowflakes from the curtain rod with ribbon.

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Reflect the colors of

Arrange red and green bottles along the top of a window sash where they can catch the light and filter your view with Christmas color.

Frame a window from inside with miniature lights. Run a strand of lights along the sill and top of the sash, securing it with small pieces of masking tape. Suspend a lighted tree-topper ornament from the sash (or pop a specialty add-on ornament onto one of the miniature lights). Hide the wires with greenery.