Quick Gilded Ornaments
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Quick Gilded Ornaments

Holiday ornaments become one-of-a-kind originals when touched with gold.
What You Need:
Gilded Ornaments
Gold ink really shines
on the brightly colored

  • Opaque glass ornaments in jewel tones
  • Clean soft cloth
  • Medium-point permanent marker with metallic gold ink (available in crafts and stationery stores)
  • Extra-fine-point marking pen with gold or black ink
  • 10-inch lengths of 1/4-inch-wide gold ribbon


1. Gently clean the surface of the ornaments using a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris.

2. Add designs. Use the medium-point gold pen to add swirls, squiggles, or other decorative marks all around each ornament. (You may want to doodle a bit on paper with an ordinary marker before you pick up an ornament.)

3. Sign your work of art. Using the fine-tipped pen, sign your name and print the date in small lettering on the bottom or back of each ornament.

4. Add ribbon for hanging. Thread a 10-inch length of ribbon through each ornament top and knot or tie in a bow as desired.

More Ideas:

  • Use pens with silver or colored-metallic ink for a wide variety of looks.
  • Have each person in the household design and sign an ornament.
  • Hang the ornaments with inexpensive gold chain (available from jewelry supply stores or catalogs) to heighten the elegance.
  • Make matching wrapping paper by drawing bigger versions of the same design on solid-color gift wrap (you can do this either before or after wrapping the gift), then embellish by tying an ornament to the package ribbon.