Working Without Weaning
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Working Without Weaning

3 options for breast-feeding moms.

Going back to work doesn't have to mean giving up nursing. Here are some options:
Part-time breast-feeding  Pumping On-the-job nursing
Works if: You're prepared for a little discomfort while your milk supply adjusts to meet your baby's demands.

You don't mind giving formula to your baby when you're away.

Your baby will happily switch between breast and a bottle.

You rent or buy a high-quality pump so you can express milk efficiently. 

You have a private office or access to a "lactation room."

You have access to a refrigerator. 

Your baby will drink from a bottle as well as from the breast.

Your baby is in a day-care center at or near your office.

You live close enough to work so that you can run home several times a day.

You have a caregiver who can bring the baby to your office for feedings.

Pros: Does not interfere at all with work time. You can enjoy the "bonding" of breast-feeding without any demands during the day.
Your baby gets the full health benefits of a breast-milk-only diet. You can limit the frequency of pumping during the day by expressing extra milk at home. No special equipment necessary. 
Your baby has special time during 
the day to bond with Mom, plus 
all the nursing benefits.
Challenges: Some babies move into a reverse feeding pattern and limit their nutritional intake during the day, so you need to get up more often at night to breast-feed. You need to have a place where you 
can relax enough to express milk. This isn't something you'll want to do in a ladies' room stall.
The key is having a job with some flexibility so you can make up for 
time lost, as well as the full support 
of your employer or manager.