New Year's Day Brunch
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New Year's Day Brunch

New Year's Day is perfect for relaxing with friends and family over a leisurely brunch. Start the year off in the most delicious way.

New Year's Day Brunch

Treat your overnight visitors to a late morning meal of comforting dishes.

Egg in a Roll
Fill your roll with an egg and some savory fillings such as black beans, diced tomato, cheese, cooked sausage or bacon, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, spinach, and sliced ham.


Zucchini-Leek Tart
This may look like a quiche, but the filling in this luscious zucchini, leek, and cheese tart is smoother, silkier and more custardy.


Easy Cinnamon Rolls
Trust us: It's worth the time to make these mouthwatering rolls from scratch rather than baking the prepackaged kind.


Mini Lemon Tea Cakes
Lemon and cream cheese is a winning combination -- be prepared to share the recipe!


Sparkling Wine or Sparkling Apple Juice
Serve your favorite beverages.