Spanish-Moss Wreath
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Spanish-Moss Wreath

This wreath provides a sweet scent -- as well as romantic style.
What You Need:

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Offer a sweet welcome to all
who enter.

  • Spanish moss
  • Monofilament
  • 18 inches of no. 10 wire
  • Thin wire (hanging loop)
  • 1 yard each of 1/4-inch-wide ribbon as follows: light pink double-faced satin; rose picot-edged; and dark rose picot-edged
  • Sewing thread to match ribbons
  • Assorted flowers: California pepperberries, white and pink German statice, baby's breath, pearly everlasting, tiny pink rosebuds, pink caspia, and hill flowers
  • Two sets of needle-nose pliers
  • Hot-glue gun; glue sticks
  • Matte finish spray coating
  • Toothpicks


1. Using the two sets of needle-nose pliers to hold and bend the No. 10 wire, make a heart-shape base from the wire. Shape the heart so the wire ends meet at the bottom tip of the heart.

2. Cover the wire with Spanish moss, securing it in place by tightly wrapping it with monofilament. Insert thin wire at the back of the heart top, forming a hanging loop.

3. Cut each yard of ribbon into six-inch pieces. Make three bows of each color, leaving tails of approximately 1-1/2 inches; wrap bow centers with matching sewing thread: Set bows and remaining pieces of ribbon aside.

4. Glue pearly everlasting and baby's breath to moss base, using toothpicks to hold dried materials in place until glue dries. Glue ribbon bows randomly around wreath. Glue remaining ribbon pieces in scalloped loops along the sides. Glue small roses, California pepperberries, and remaining dried materials on last.

5. Spray entire wreath with matte finish to stabilize and preserve the arrangement.