Beauty shortcuts
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Beauty shortcuts

Running late? You can still look polished and pulled together when you follow these timesaving tips.

As a celebrity makeup artist and creator of Sonia Kashuk Professional Makeup, available exclusively at Target, Sonia Kashuk may seem to lead a glamorous life. But she is also an on-the-go mom with two young children. Like any working mother, she doesn't have time to fuss with her looks. So she's edited her morning makeup routine down to the bare essentials. Kashuk's five-minute beauty blitz can get you out the door fast, too.

  • "I do my makeup in my bedroom near a window. Seeing how you look in natural daylight keeps you from piling on too much makeup. I spot-apply foundation only where I need it. A little liquid foundation goes under my eyes to hide circles and around my mouth to even out my skin tone and lighten any shadows."
  • "Next, I curl my lashes. If I'm in a real rush, I give up eyeshadow rather than skip this step. It's an essential eye-opener, a must when you're a sleep-deprived mom! My trick for long-lasting curl: After you gently squeeze the curler once, open and close it quickly two or three more times before slowly releasing it."
  • "While my eyelashes set, I take a few seconds to apply cream blusher. Cream formulas go on more quickly than powders. A powder formula calls for applying loose or pressed face powder first so that the blusher won't streak -- and who has time for that? Just dab a little cream blusher on your cheek and use your ring finger to lightly tap it into your skin. The right shade counts, too. A neutral blusher will go with anything you wear. You can't go wrong with a sheer orangy-brown shade if your skin is fair to medium in tone; choose a reddish-brown cream blusher if skin is dark."
  • "If I can squeeze it in, I apply a cream eyeshadow. One with a touch of shimmer helps to brighten tired eyes. Again, a neutral shade, such as a mink-brown or plum-mauve, is the way to go when you're in a hurry. Whether or not I wear shadow, I make time for a coat of black mascara."
  • "Before I run out the door, I apply my lipstick. Once I put on my lipstick, I don't want to think about having to retouch it for a while, so I stay away from matte formulas, which can be drying, or super-glossy formulas, which don't have much staying power. A lipstick with a satiny finish goes on neatly and keeps lips moist. To make it last longer, I dab it on, lightly pressing the stick into my lips. To blot and set the color, I lightly tap my lips with my fingertip. Then I'm ready to face the day!" --Carol Straley