Pack for a Long Weekend
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Pack for a Long Weekend

Tips for putting it together for a long weekend.

Leave the trunk in the attic. It is possible to pack everything you need for a weekend getaway in one carry-on bag. Here's how:

Pack shoes first.

  • Start with shoes, suggests Natalie Carlson, vice president of merchandising for the TravelSmith outfitting guide and catalog. Bring two pairs: one for sight-seeing and a dressier pair for evenings out.
  • Use the shoes to coordinate your clothing color scheme. "Black clothes are best," says Alexandra Mayes Birnbaum, of the Birnbaum Travel Guides series. "Gray, navy and beige are also good." Choose fabrics that don't wrinkle, such as raw silk and knit jersey.
  • Make the most of what little space you have by shoving anything you don't mind wrinkling -- socks, underwear, nightshirt -- into your shoes. Fold other clothes as flat as possible.
  • All you need for a city weekend: chinos or a comfortable skirt for the day; a nice skirt or pants for evening; a thin sweater or microfleece cardigan in a bright color and three shirts --- one a black silky T-shirt for dressy events.
  • For a country or beach escape, fine-tune your city duds as follows: Add a pair of jeans or shorts, a sun hat, a bathing suit and cover-up. "An oversize man's button-down shirt can be worn as both a cover-up and a bathrobe," adds Birnbaum.
  • Accessorize. "Scarves or jewelry can change your entire look without taking up too much space," says Carlson. Handbags with detachable straps can double as clutches for the evening.
  • Leave behind: a bathrobe, blow-dryer and umbrella -- you can always borrow these things from your hotel or your hostess.