5 Ways to Get Kissable Lips
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5 Ways to Get Kissable Lips

What's the best path to sexy lips? Bobbi Brown tells all.

A swipe of color on lips is the easiest and fastest way to romanticize your look. But when it comes down to locking lips, which product is right for you? Read on for all your options.

But first: Chapped lips are a beauty no-no, so be sure to pamper dry lips before putting on any color. One of my favorite tricks is to smooth eye cream on lips, then use a toothbrush or a washcloth to gently exfoliate them and get rid of dry skin.

Stain: If you want a subtle look, try a lip stain -- it gives you sheer color (picture your lips after eating a Popsicle). You can also layer lip balm over it as often as you wish, so lips never get unkissably dry. Many lip stains also do double duty as a sheer blush, cutting down purse clutter.

Matte: If you want long-lasting color with full coverage, go with a matte lipstick formula. Some matte formulas can be drying, so look for a creamy, semi-matte version. But beware that the creamier the lipstick, the more it rubs off during kissing.


Shimmer: This is perfect for an evening look and can be layered over a darker color to tone it down a notch. It can get a bit sticky, however, if you are anticipating a kiss.

Gloss: This option is great for layering over other lipsticks or wearing just by itself. It's also a great way to make lips look fuller. If you're going to be doing lots of kissing, stick to a clear shade, which adds shine to your lips, but won't show up on him.

Pencil: Problems with feathering? A lip pencil is the best way to keep color from migrating into fine lines. For the most natural look, line lips after applying lipstick and blend if needed with a lip brush. To get longer-lasting, won't-kiss-off color, smooth balm on lips, then fill in all over using a lip pencil. Layer lipstick on top of that if desired.

I don't suggest trying to make your lips look bigger by lining outside your natural lip line. It looks unnatural when you try to create features you don't have. The best way to make small lips look fuller is by wearing medium to light lip colors or trying lip gloss. Too-dark shades make small lips look even smaller.