De-Winterize Your Skin
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De-Winterize Your Skin

How to help your parched winter skin out of hibernation.

Cures for Winter Skin

With bare spring and summer fashions on the horizon, it's time for skin rejuvenation! Here, 10 easy ways to make dry, flaky winter skin a thing of the past:

1. Get lukewarm -- in the shower, that is. Hot water feels good, but actually saps your skin of moisture, causing more dryness. As the weather gets warmer, switch to lukewarm showers to stave off that dryness.

2. Brush your body. Long an Ayurvedic ritual, using a stiff-bristled brush to brush dry skin before a shower helps remove flakiness and dead cells quite effectively!

3. Try a foot file. Chances are, your feet have been crammed into socks and shoes all winter, making them dry and cracked. Begin to use a foot file (found at drugstores) daily to slough away calluses and dryness on heels and soles, getting feet ready for sandal season.

4. Go for moisturizing body washes. Instead of harsh antibacterial soaps, which can cause dryness, do your skin a favor and pamper it with a moisturizing body bar or wash.

5. Apply sloughing body lotion. A lotion containing salicylic or alpha-hydroxy acids chemically exfoliates dry, winter skin cells. Apply to slightly damp skin after every shower for the best result.

More Tips

6. Consider microdermabrasion. If the skin on your face or chest looks dull and sallow, microdermabrasion might be the solution. This procedure forces tiny crystals against the skin, literally blasting away dead cells, giving skin new life for the new season.

7. Begin shaving again (if you slacked off this winter). Who hasn't let winter's tights and long pants allow them to go soft on their shaving routine? But as spring draws near, pick up that razor again: Swiping the blade along your skin actually removes built-up dead cells, nixing itchiness and flakes.

8. Get a paraffin manicure. To soothe dry hands and cuticles, book a manicure with a paraffin treatment. The hot wax seals in moisture, making hands silky and flake-free.

9. Add a dash of salt. For heavy-duty moisturization plus exfoliation of dry skin, use an oil-based salt or sugar scrub. The salt and sugar granules act as physical exfoliators to whisk away flakes, while the oil adds a serious hit of moisture to freshly exfoliated skin.

10. Give yourself an at-home wrap. For areas of the body that are very dry and flaky, an at-home moisture wrap is a great solution! Slather thick cream on dry areas (like feet, lower legs, and thighs), then wrap areas loosely in plastic wrap. Cover with warm towels (or old sweats) and allow to sit for 20 minutes. The heat from the towels will help the lotion penetrate your skin and soften any dry patches. After 20 minutes, remove towels and plastic, and vigorously rub any leftover lotion into your skin.