Brighter Eyes: Fast Fixes
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Brighter Eyes: Fast Fixes

Banish dark circles, crow's feet, and sagging lids.

Dark Circles

Problem: Dark circles

Fix: An eye cream containing a safe bleaching agent, such as hydroquinone or kojic acid, can help lighten dark circles, which can result from sun exposure and hormonal changes. Make sure the cream contains at least SPF 15 to prevent further sun-induced darkening. You can also use a creamy concealer with a yellow undertone to camouflage.

Crow's Feet

Problem: Crow's feet

Fix: Use an eye cream or gel that contains caffeine, which temporarily tightens the skin. Be sure to wear glasses when you need them, and sunglasses in bright weather, as squinting exacerbates crow's feet.

Sagging Lids

Problem: Sagging lids

Fix: Nothing short of plastic surgery will completely get rid of sagging lids. But an eye cream with caffeine can temporarily tighten the skin, and the right makeup technique can give you a wider-eyed look. Try this: Apply a bone shadow from your lashes to browbone. Then, sweep a deep brown shadow back and forth across the crease of your eye. Apply a fine stroke of liner at the base of your top lashes, and finish with a coat of curling mascara.