Festive Floral Arrangements
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Festive Floral Arrangements

Set a place for style at your holiday table.

Tiny Trees

What You Need:

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Nestled in a colorful striped box,
this arrangement brightens your
mantel or buffet table.

  • Planter box (available at floral supply stores, crafts and hobby stores, or garden centers)
  • Scissors
  • Plastic floral liners/containers (available at crafts and hobby stores or floral supply stores)
  • Floral foam (available at crafts and hobby stores or floral supply stores)
  • Small cypress or other evergreen trees in pots
  • White hydrangeas
  • White scabiosa


1. Set potted trees inside the planter box.

2. Cut pieces of floral foam to fit inside several plastic liners or containers. Thoroughly wet, then drain the floral foam. Place the wet foam inside the plastic liners or containers.

3. Set the containers inside the planter box. Arrange the containers around the potted trees.

4. Cut flowers to the desired length and insert the stems into the foam. Fill in with enough blossoms so pots do not show.

Stripe Style

What You Need:
French Tulips
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Adding sheer ribbon gives
vases the look of etched

  • Tall glass vase
  • White ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive
  • Ivory French Tulips


1. Cut lengths of white ribbon.

2. Wrap each length around the vase, referring to the photo, and attach to the back of the vase with a dab of hot glue.

Beaded Collars

What You Need:

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If you don't have time to buy
flowerpots, any type of small
cup can easily be substituted.

  • Tiny zinc flowerpots
  • Hypericum berries
  • Thin floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Anemones
  • Paperwhites
  • White roses


1. To make the berry collars, pluck the berries from Hypericum branches and string them onto thin floral wire.

2. Bend the wire around the top of your container and tightly twist together the ends of the wire. Snip off any excess wire.

By Candlelight

What You Need:

Enlarge Image

Classic holiday colors join forces
in this dramatic yet simple

  • Scissors
  • Centerpiece container (we used a footed, shallow wooden bowl)
  • Floral foam (available at crafts and hobby stores or floral supply stores)
  • Plastic floral liners/containers (available at crafts and hobby stores or floral supply stores)
  • Two short pillar candles
  • White anemone
  • Hot pink roses
  • Striped parrot tulips
  • Bush ivy
  • Hot pink sweetheart roses
  • Fresh sage leaves


1. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside a plastic liner that will be placed in the centerpiece container. Soak the floral foam, drain, and place inside the liner.

2. Set the liner into the centerpiece container. Set the pillar candles on top of the floral foam.

3. Fill in around the candles by inserting the bush ivy stems and the sage leaves into the foam. Continue filling out the arrangement by inserting flower stems into the foam until desired effect is created.

Keeping It Fresh

  • Keep arrangements that use floral foam wet to the touch; never let the foam dry out.
  • Give your bouquets in vases fresh water about every other day. Changing the water will help the blossoms last longer.
  • Cut flower stems with sharp scissors or a knife. Cut the stems at an angle. An angle creates a larger surface area for the flowers to take up water.
  • Always break or cut off and remove leaves that will be below the waterline in a vase or container. This helps keep the water clean.
  • To slow the opening process of tulips, use a sharp knife to make a small vertical cut in the stem just below the blossom.