At-Home Pedicure
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At-Home Pedicure

Get your feet ready for summery sandals -- and barefoot beach walks.

Your feet have likely been stuffed inside shoes all winter, getting rough and cracked and covered with calluses. Now that spring is here, it's time to coax those tootsies back to the land of pretty. Try this easy routine to help get your feet in shape before summer:

Step 1: Invest in a foot file. Think of a foot file as fine-grade sandpaper: You rub it over callused areas to literally sand down tough skin. Diamancel and Tweezerman make great versions that last for years. Use your file in the shower every morning. Warning: Avoid callus shavers, which shave off dead skin with a razor blade. They can cause serious cuts if used improperly.

Step 2: Slather on exfoliating cream. Moisturizing feet is the number one way to make them bare-able -- especially as we age, because our skin naturally turns drier. Apply a foot cream with salicylic or glycolic acid after every shower. For extra moisturizing, apply the cream before bed, too.

Step 3: Keep nails trimmed safely. Cut them straight across, just below the tip of your toe, to avoid painful (and unattractive) ingrown toenails.

Step 4: Buff nails. Come summer, you'll want to paint nails sheer or bright colors. But toenails are naturally thick and full of ridges, which can make polish look uneven. Once a week, use a buffing block (found at drugstores) to smooth out ridges and make nails shine.