Foundation 101
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Foundation 101

How to get a flawless look.

If you weren't born with flawless skin (and who was?), chances are you rely on foundation to make your skin look great. Base can even out an uneven skin tone, beat ruddiness, and give skin luminosity. The key to making foundation work is to apply it the right way. Start with a foundation that matches your skin exactly (head to the department store for a can't-miss match), and follow these instructions:

Step 1: Apply moisturizer. Allow your moisturizer about ten minutes to absorb into your skin before you apply foundation.

Step 2: Dot foundation onto skin with a cotton swab. Apply it where you need the most coverage -- around the base of your nose, on your cheeks, and on your chin.

Step 3: With a dry latex makeup wedge, gently spread the foundation outward. Be sure to blend edges.

Step 4: Check the effect in natural light (such as near a window), to see if you need more coverage anywhere. If you do, repeat the dot-and-blend process.

Step 5: Set with powder. This is the most important step in making foundation last! Dip a powder puff into powder and press onto skin. When you've applied powder all over your face, use a fluffy brush to whisk away any excess.

Step 6: If skin gets shiny during the day, use blotting paper to remove oil instead of applying more base or powder.