How to Get It: Lifted and Layered
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How to Get It: Lifted and Layered

Get full-bodied hair with our easy how-tos.
If Your Hair is Straight...

  1. Spray roots with a volumizing spray only on top. Use a styling spray on the sides and back of the head.
  2. Blow-dry until dry, while lifting at the roots with your fingers. If you feel your hair needs more height, use a round brush to blow-dry.
  3. Fingerstyle the top to create bends and random turns. The more broken up the hair, the better.
  4. Spritz on a light-hold hairspray to keep style in place.

If Your Hair is Curly or Wavy...

  1. Spritz the top of your hair with a styling spray and apply a straightening balm to the sides.
  2. Straighten just the ends of your hair on top and the sides with a large round brush. (Leaving your curls intact close to the root gives extra lift.)
  3. Create thickness on top and define layers by applying a styling wax with your fingers.
  4. Apply a frizz fighter to the sides for a polished finish.