Common Hair Problems -- and How to Fix Them
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Common Hair Problems -- and How to Fix Them

Expert advice for dealing with split ends, fried locks, and more.

The Culprits

The battle for beautiful hair is not easy. It's ironic that the very things we do to add color, shine, and texture to hair can ultimately damage and destroy it. Here, the most common hair wreckers -- and how-tos for damage control:

  • Double-dipping. Doubling up on chemical processes such as highlighting and relaxing, or color and perming.
  • Cleaning frenzy. A major misconception is that hair must be shampooed daily. Just because hair is clean, doesn't always mean it's in good condition.
  • Beat by the heat. Tools like flat irons and curling irons need to be used sparingly, as overuse will fry not only ends, but also the entire length of the hair shaft.
  • Uncut = Unhealthy. Uncut locks mean split ends and dry, damaged hair. For optimum hair health, hair should be cut every 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Colorful personality. While changing your hair color often might be fun, the process of applying, taking out, and redepositing pigment on the hair is damaging.
  • Product overdosing. Overdosing on styling products -- gels, sprays, pomades, and finishing creams -- can result in buildup that makes hair dull.

The Solution

Try these tips to help hair get back into great condition in no time:

Find shower mates. Make a fine-tooth and a wide-tooth comb your shower partners. Use them to evenly distribute conditioner and finishing rinse treatment throughout your hair. Combing will ensure that residue-building excess is whisked away.

A Brush with greatness. I recommend using Mason Pearson boar bristle brushes. Brushing hair from the root to ends helps distribute the scalp's natural oils throughout the length of the hair, imparting shine and silkiness.


It's the chemistry that counts. Healthy hair is made up of a perfect balance of moisture and protein. To ensure hair remains in that state, my fellow stylist Philip B. recommends incorporating at-home oil treatments, such as his Philip B. Rejuvenator for Dry to Damaged Hair, into your hair care regime.


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