Is Married Sex Always Safe?
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Is Married Sex Always Safe?

Think you don't have to worry about STDs when you're married? Think again.

Q. Should I be tested for sexually transmitted diseases even though I'm married and we're both faithful?

A. Unless both of you were screened for all STDs before you got married, this is a good idea, says Ilene Fischer, MD, a gynecologist in New York City. And unless you both specifically asked to be tested, chances are neither of you were. Because several STDs may not cause symptoms, they can lie undetected for years and become a threat to your fertility, your health, even your life. Herpes, for example, which is detected by a blood test, sometimes causes sores on the genitals, but not always. It's especially important for pregnant women to be screened for herpes, says Dr. Fischer. If precautions aren't taken, this STD can be passed onto the child, and could become life threatening for a newborn.

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