Holly and Ivy Wreath
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Holly and Ivy Wreath

Add Christmas cheer to any surface with this decorative wreath.

Holly and Ivy Wreath

What you Need:
Holly and Ivy Wreath
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Get in the holiday spirit by
making this holly and ivy wreath.

  • 12- to 14-inch diameter metal ring
  • 10 to 12 ivy vines
  • Sprigs of holly with red berries
  • Lightweight floral wire

Step 1
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Step 1.

1. Wire the fresh ivy vines to the metal ring, arranging them to cover it completely. Let the vines at the bottom hang more loosely for a natural look.

2. To create a focal point, add extra vines around the bottom half of the ring. Allow some of the vines to extend across the opening toward the back of the wreath to give it visual depth.

3. Wire sprigs of holly berries at the bottom to make a bow.