The Corkscrew
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The Corkscrew

This strength-building exercise demands that you control your movement, even as it throws you off balance.

A note of caution: Before you challenge yourself with an off-balance move like this, you should have built up a lot of strength at your core.

Repeat this movement 10 times.

1. Lie flat on the floor with your arms by your sides. Exhale and slowly raise your legs and torso up and over your head, letting your toes touch the floor if you can. Your arms should remain by your sides to first help you off the floor, to help you maintain balance, and to help you check that your shoulders are pulled down toward your back. Inhale when you reach the top point of your movement.

2. Exhale and let your legs create a semicircle together in the air, starting with a small circle and gradually making the circle bigger until the point where you feel you could lose your balance or control. Slowly bring your torso and buttocks back down on the floor as you complete the semicircle.

3. As your tailbone touches the floor, slowly inhale and repeat the movement, lifting your legs and torso above your head and this time making the semicircle in the opposite direction.

Make sure to work each side of your body evenly. The slower the movement, especially as you come back down, the more strength you're building. Be sure to keep a continuous even flow to your movements.


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