Hip Twist
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Hip Twist

This strength movement requires you to keep your torso stationary as you make a circle with your legs.

One note of caution: If you have long legs you may want to bend your knees to lower the intensity of this exercise. Longer legs are heavier, of course, and people with longer legs will find this movement more strenuous.

1. Sit with your legs together straight in front of you. Contract your abs and lift your legs in the air, balancing yourself back on your hands, which are placed to your side and slightly behind you, with your fingertips pointed forward. Lift your head to the sky and stretch your legs away from you.

2. Inhale and keep your body stationary. Then make a circle with your legs in one direction as you exhale. Keep focusing on your abs, allowing your abs to control the circling movement.

3. When your legs reach the top of your circle, reverse direction and repeat the same movement. To lower the intensity of this movement you can lift your legs higher and bend your knees, or you could go back on your elbows.

Note: To really feel the intensity of this exercise, get a friend to hold your shoulders still. Do not move them at all as you perform the circle.


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