Best Push-Ups
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Best Push-Ups

This movement is a building block of Pilates.

This is one long, slow, continuous movement. Speed is important. Challenge yourself to go through the movement more slowly each time.

Caution: You'll need to experiment with your hand placement in order to maintain control.

Repeat 10 times.

1. Stand tall with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees soft. Inhale and contract your abs in preparation for rolling your head and your torso slowly down.

2. Slow down to stretch out tightness in any particular areas of your back. Keep pulling your abs in and don't allow your bottom to push back as you continue to slowly roll your body down, folding yourself almost in half.

3. Try to roll down as far as you can, but don't force it. Bend your knees to release any strains on your back that are uncomfortable.

4. At the furthest point of your roll-down, if you cannot touch the floor, bend your knees and lean forward. Exhale as you touch the floor and walk your hands forward on the floor, slowly. Keep your walking gentle and smooth.

5. When your hands are even with your shoulders, stop walking. Slide your shoulders down your back to elongate the stretch, and keep your body straight.

6. Inhale and bend your arms, lowering your chest to the floor. Exhale when you push back up, then walk your hands back and unfold yourself slowly, reversing the movement.

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