Spine Twist
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Spine Twist

This exercise helps with mobility in your back.

A word of caution: This movement is not a stretch. It is an exercise that rotates your spine, so you should be gentle and correct imbalances until you've achieved a smooth movement.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.

1. Sit down with your legs apart and your arms stretched out parallel to the floor, almost at a 180-degree angle, or as far apart as is comfortable for you. Do not extend your arms farther than 180 degrees. Now, inhale and pull in your abs and straighten your spine, all the way up through your head toward the ceiling.

2. Exhale as you turn to the side, continuing to reach toward the ceiling with your head. Keep your hips stationary, facing straight forward. When you reach your tension point, try to relax your body a little more with your breath, while still maintaining your posture.

3. Inhale as you turn back to center, and exhale as you repeat the movement to the other side. With each repetition, try to take your movement a little further, but don't force it. If your arms tire, you can touch your hands to your shoulder to rest as you continue the movements.


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