Curly Hair Advice
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Curly Hair Advice

Learn to love your curly locks with these styling tips.

Curl Power

Too many curly-tressed women are at war with their hair! The cause of this curl dissatisfaction: They have never been properly shown how to work their hair's natural texture. If you fall into this category, read on for tips to help you master your curls.

Girls with Curls

Learn from these curly-haired celebrities.

Nicole Kidman
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Nicole Kidman

The Girl: Nicole Kidman The Curl: Wavy mane Give It a Whirl: This type of hair needs to be cut and shaped where the wave falls. If it's cut too short, wave bye bye.

The Girl: Andie McDowell The Curl: Soft, full curl Give It a Whirl: Create soft angles in the hair that flatter the face. For top-quality curls, longer layers work best.

The Girl: Minnie Driver The Curl: Curly-Kinky Give It a Whirl: Layered cuts are best. Extremely curly hair also looks great cropped super-short.

The Girl: Keri Russell The Curl: Tightly textured curls Give It a Whirl: This type of curl looks best when long so that you get well-defined curls.

Taming of the 'Do'

Follow these tips to keep your curls in top shape:

Dry, coarsely-textured hair: Try a deep conditioning product to give hair needed moisture and shine. Avoid strong-hold gels and mousses. Instead use soft-hold gels for soft, shiny, touchable curls.

Soft, fine hair: Light conditioners work best and don't weigh hair down. Avoid pomades, unless you're trying to eliminate the curls. Use medium- to light-hold gels to define curls.

All hair types: Always use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute product through the hair, then put into desired shape with fingers. Allow kinky-curly or naturally wavy hair to dry naturally after applying a cream or gel.

When blowdrying, use a diffuser attachment to keep curls in place. Don't scrunch hair or fluff while drying (this creates frizz!); rather, let hair dry in place as much as possible, then separate lightly with fingers.


It's a Wrap

For those straight-haired girls who want curls, try Mark Garrison's own "Candy Wrappers" soft rollers. Try twisting the sections of hair before winding on the roller for a wavy mane effect a la Nicole Kidman. Or take large, smooth sections and brush through when dry; tousled waves will prevail. Because "Candy Wrappers" are a damp-to-dry set, the curls will be springy and sexy all day. To order, call 1-800-291-4007. Retail price: $29.99.