Your New Haircut -- Day 2
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Your New Haircut -- Day 2

You loved it when you left the salon. Here's how to still love it the next day.

The Hair Hangover

You've just gotten a stunning new haircut and you feel great. Every time you pass a mirror you steal a glance to admire your new 'do. The next morning, you roll out of bed and make your way to the mirror. To your amazement, you find an unsightly reflection returning your glare. After showering, you wonder how to get from a wet mop of hair to that beautiful style you got at the salon yesterday. As you attempt to recreate it, your biggest fears are's the dreaded morning after.

Want to avoid what I call a "hair hangover"? Follow these tips:

Don't overindulge: Before your haircut, take a moment to speak to your hairstylist about the level of maintenance your new 'do will require. Ask your stylist to explain what he's doing as he styles your hair so you can learn how to take care of your haircut step by step.

Stay sober: Don't be intoxicated by the environment. Though many salons will dazzle you with their stunning decor, stay on your toes and take note of how your stylist does your hair and what products he or she uses.

Don't be intimidated: Tell your stylist what you want. Make sure he or she listens carefully to your wishes and fully answers your questions. You know your hair and what you want better than anyone else!

Curb bad habits: I believe that each style has its own recipe. Once you've had your hair cut, don't make the mistake of styling your new haircut the old way. Drop those old habits and pick up the nuances of your new 'do.

How to Deal with Change

While no hard-and-fast rules exist to cope with a drastic change, here are some key strategies for dealing with the following situations:

Bang bang: Wearing bangs for the first time can be a huge change. If your hair is curly, use hair balm to add control and shine before finger-drying or drying your hair with a blow-dryer.

Code color: Color-treated or permed hair needs to be defended from the elements. Sun exposure, over-shampooing, chlorine exposure, and heat-styling can weaken your hair's color and curl. To maintain shine and protect your hair, ask your stylist to recommend the proper shampoo and conditioner.

Multiple locks: Layered 'dos should be cut to be worn both naturally as well as styled. Make sure your stylist reviews styling options for your layered locks so you can maximize the cut's versatility.

Hack attack: Jumping from long to short hair is a drastic change by anyone's standards. Short hair can often be worn more than one way, but your second look will no longer be your old standby, the ponytail. Ask your stylist for a few styling ideas to have on hand to camouflage your bad hair days.

Follow these tips and you can dump the morning-after blues and become intoxicated with your new look!

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