Straight Hair Know-How
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Straight Hair Know-How

Pro secrets for caring for and styling straight hair.

How to Get the Straight Look

So you covet your favorite celebrity's sleek straight locks? Who cares that Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston each have a team of hair stylists creating their looks? Trust me: Any woman can create these looks at home.

The Tools You'll Need to Succeed

  • A blowdryer with nozzle attachment (to precisely direct air flow)
  • A large round brush with densely-packed bristles
  • Non-creasing hair sectioning clips
  • A flat iron

Tips for Styling Straight Hair

Split With the Ends: A good haircut is key, as damaged split ends will be much more noticeable when hair is perfectly straight.

Condition Your Body: A volumizing conditioner for fine hair or a moisturizing conditioner for coarse hair will give you the best straightening results. And, finish with a cool rinse to help flatten the cuticle and give hair sheen.

Drop Dead Straight: While hair is damp, work Philip B.'s Drop Dead Straight Hair Straightening Baume through the length of the hair, making sure to coat the ends -- this will keep hair frizz-free. For extra coarse hair, add a couple of drops of Philip B. Rejuvenator Oil to the Straightening Baume, and then work through hair.

More Tips

Dry Down: Using the blowdryer and brush, start blowdrying at the back of the head, and in small sections of hair (the amount that the round brush can hold firmly); stretch hair taut and direct the dryer nozzle downward onto the hair shaft. Move the brush down the length of the hair through to ends. Repeat action until hair is completely dry. Use your non-creasing clips to keep wet hair out of the way.

Don't Get Bent Out of Shape: Make sure not to leave any moisture in the hair or it will result in frizziness or bends in the hair. Also, hair must be completely dry before flat ironing.

Cool Heads Prevail: Once dried, use the flatiron to create that drop dead straight look of Madonna, Gwyneth, and Jennifer. Do not put any finishing products on the hair prior to flatironing -- otherwise, you'll cause the hair to "fry." Taking small thin sections (no wider than the flat iron), slide the flat iron down the hair shaft and make sure to keep it moving. Finish with a light pomade (choose one that's silicone or oil-based) to add sheen and keep your hair as smooth as silk.

Chemically-Relaxed Hair: Women with chemically-relaxed hair should not pre-dry. Rather, they should let their hair dry naturally to keep hair in its best condition.

When Not to Straighten: I recommend unplugging the iron on rainy as well as hot, humid days as they are not the ideal scenario for the super straight look. Instead, work with your hair's natural tendencies, and put a clip on it. Hair accessories are a great way to create a fresh new look.

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