Time-Saving Makeup
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Time-Saving Makeup

These multipurpose products will speed up your morning routine.

If your morning makeup routine feels more like a marathon, get ready to shave minutes off your time! Multipurpose cosmetics are the latest way to trim your beauty routine. Two-in-one pencils, creams, and sticks offer convenience (your whole face in one product!), little mess, and a naturally chic, monochromatic effect. Here, the lowdown on these time-saving products:

  • All-in-one pencil: Imagine a giant makeup crayon and you have the idea. Pencils are perhaps the easiest way to apply color, and if bought in a neutral shade like rosy brown or copper, can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips.
    Tip: Sharpen your pencil before you use it on your eyes to be sure it's clean and germ-free. Look for all-in-one pencils by Chanel and Molton Brown.
  • Color cream: For women who like to use their fingers to apply, creams are the perfect products. Creams come in either tubes or pots, and their soft texture works particularly well on drier, older skin.
    Tip: If you use a cream color on your eyelids, prep them with a dusting of loose powder to help avoid mid-day creasing. Look for color creams by Bobbi Brown and Pretty Pretty.
  • Sticks: All-over color sticks are much like blush sticks. They're best used on cheeks and lips, not on eyes (you'll find they're messier to apply and often too soft to stay put on blinking eyelids).
    Tip: Apply color straight from the stick, then use your fingers or a makeup sponge to blend. Look for color sticks by Nars and L'Oreal. --Lisa Kovalovich