North Dakota, the Peace Garden state
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North Dakota, the Peace Garden state

Admitted to the Union the same day as South Dakota -- Nov. 2, 1889 -- North Dakota contains the geographical center of North America in Rugby.
#13: Small Cities - Fargo

At the head of the Red River and across from Moorhead, Minnesota, Fargo is one of North Dakota's most active railroad hubs, river ports, and regional finance centers. Founded in 1871, when the Northern Pacific Railroad was extended through the area, it was named for William G. Fargo of the Wells-Fargo Express Company. Cultural events abound at North Dakota State University, the Concordia Conservatory of Music and several historical museums.

Overall rankings for select categories:

  • Women professionals #95
  • Educational attainment #24
  • Breast cancer #121
  • Divorce rate #15