Juice Can Pen Holder
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Juice Can Pen Holder

Turn a juice can into a charming desk accessory.
What You Need:

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An elegant pen holder completes
this set of office accessories.

  • Sheet of lightweight decorative or handmade paper
  • Freezer paper (available at the grocery store)
  • Juice can
  • White crafts glue


1. Crumple the decorative paper, then flatten it out. Repeat until you have a pleasing, even texture.

2. Cover your ironing board with kraft paper or plain newsprint. Place the decorative paper right side down on the ironing board. Cut a piece of freezer paper slightly longer than the decorative paper and place it shiny side down over the decorative paper. Press with a very hot dry iron until the two papers are fused.

3. Cut a rectangle as wide as the can is tall and long enough to wrap around the can.

4. Glue the paper ends to secure.