Make an Easy Portfolio
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Make an Easy Portfolio

Give the gift of organization with this elegant portfolio to hold papers, mail, or receipts.
What You Need:

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The secret to this extraordinary
portfolio is ordinary freezer

  • Large sheet of lightweight decorative or handmade paper (about 22x30 inches)
  • Freezer paper (available at the grocery store)
  • Purchased paper pocket folder
  • White crafts glue
  • Button or charm
  • Linen thread (optional)


1. Crumple the decorative paper, then flatten it out. Repeat until you have a pleasing, even texture.

2. Cover your ironing board with kraft paper or plain newsprint. Place the decorative paper right side down on the ironing board. Cut a piece of freezer paper slightly longer than the decorative paper and place it shiny side down over the decorative paper. Press with a very hot dry iron until the two papers are fused.

3. Open out the pocket folder, including the pockets, and trace its shape onto the freezer paper. Extend the right side 8 inches for the flap. Working on a hard surface, fold the paper along the lines of the folder; use the back of a spoon to make sharp creases.

4. Fold the flap extension in half lengthwise, freezer-paper sides together, forming a 4-inch-wide flap. Mark a point 1 inch in from each outer corner and trim the flap so it is slightly angled (see photograph).

5. Glue all edges in place. Glue or sew a decorative button or charm to the flap, centering it on the outer edge. Fill the folder with color-coordinated writing paper and envelopes.